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TEKSAN celebrated its 25th year with its commercial partners in Cappadocia

The reliable name of the uninterrupted energy with its innovative solutions, Teksan has celebrated its 25th year in the industry in Cappadocia with its commercial partners and employees. The company entered the industry in 1994 with diesel generator sets has become a global company offering solutions in many different areas from hybrid power systems to cogeneration and power generation from biogas in its 25th year. Differentiated through tailor-made project designs and customer-oriented services, the company exports to 136 countries.
Around 160 people among its commercial partners from Turkey and abroad and from its employees have attended the event organized by Teksan in Cappadocia. At the meeting held on the second day of the event, Teksan Board Members Burak Başeğmezler and Ebru Ata Tuncer have made a presentation that evaluates the company’s 2019 performance and outlines the 2020 targets as well as 2028 vision. Opinions were shared in line with the developments in Turkish and the world economy and questions from commercial partners were answered.

A short-documentary-tasted movie that was produced for the 25th anniversary of Teksan, in which not only the establishment in 1994 and the success story of Teksan was told by its founders and the veteran employees of the company but also the objectives for the future were communicated by the second generation, was screened for the very first time during the meeting in Cappadocia. The movie, where the founding vision that turns the dreams into reality through hard work and the strong brand image that was built on the reliability were emphasized, caused to emotional moments and received great applause from the audience.

Commercial partners of Teksan have discovered the historical and natural beauties of Cappadocia during the three-day event. Especially the guests from other countries were impressed with the beauties they saw, especially the Balloon Tour.

Teksan aims to reach a turnover of 500 million Euros and 1000 employees in 2028...

Ebru Ata Tuncer, Teksan Generator Board Member Responsible for Marketing, indicated that in its 25th year, Teksan, as a corporation growing with its own resources, has become a global company which exports its solutions to more than 130 countries and thanked all employees and commercial partners for their contributions to this success.

Expressing that with the vision for 2028 to reach 500 million Euros turnover and 1000 employees they have, Ebru Ata Tuncer said: “Founded by our Chairman of the Board of Directors Özdemir Ata and our late founder Abdulkadir Teksan in 1994, our company is taking firm steps after the second generation of Ata, Basegmezler and Teksan families has come to the  management positions in the company. We have grown with Teksan as well. We have witnessed that the concepts of quality, reliability, and innovation, which form our company’s DNA, are the drivers of our growth. Teksan is a big family together with its employees, commercial partners, and customers. We have an annual production capacity of 15,000 gensets in our factories located in Istanbul and Kocaeli, we employ 700 people.  “People first” approach of our founders continues to guide us in all our works. Developing the local industry and generating employment are the issues we attach importance to as a company. Despite the slowdown in the global economy, we expect to close our 25th year with a turnover of 100 million Euros. We have determined our 2028 vision to reach 1000 employees and a turnover of 500 million Euros. With our experience in significant projects we both realized in Turkey and other countries and the reliability of Teksan brand, it will not be difficult to meet these goals. “