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Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners
Since the establishment of our company, we have been adopting the principle of ' human-first'. We value the health and safety of our employees, partners,and customers above our financial interest.

Due to the Covid19 outbreak,  we, as Teksan, will not take part in the Middle East Energy Exhibition,which we have been one of the gold sponsors consecutively. We sadly observe that the danger of  the Covid19 virus has been increasing and affecting many countries,especially China and others in the region. Both the international travel risks and the safety of our stakeholders have been the major factor of our withdrawal of the exhibition. We strongly believe that  it is not the right time for such a large and global gathering like MEE. Despite sharing our concerns with the MEE organisation, they decided to continue to proceed with the exhibition
We truly believe that the global health organisations and valued scientists will win the battle against this fatal virus.
We wish our colleagues,customers and business partners healthy days.
Yunus Teksan
General Manager